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Esport 1 – All esports in one place!

The flock will soon go fishing in Summoners Gorge, get to know Naveri closely.

A day after the first teaser video came out, it’s here All the information you need to know about Al-Nafri, about the 164th champion in League of Legends. Mid lane killer got Trailer including gameplayHis spray art was introduced and published description of its capabilities. From there, only one last left Show herothen the test can be run on the PBE test server, so that packet hounds are then active on all servers.

Naafiri gameplay trailer

The sea killer is constantly looking for his opponents in The Rift, because he has all the tools for a quick disposal. He can jump over walls, has massive damage, and can trigger push-button mode, which makes him run faster around the track.

Description of Neferi’s abilities in Hungarian

Negative – we are more

After a certain period of time has passed, the Nafri will summon a member of his group and go hunting with him. The Hounds attack whoever or whatever damages the Naver with basic attacks and/or abilities

Question: Darken Daggers

Nafri can store two daggers. The first inflicts a Wound and Bleeding effect, and the second deals additional damage to an already bleeding opponent. Pack mates jump on the hero, who is wounded by a dagger

W: Hound’s Pursuit

Nafri and her piece jump on the enemy, dealing damage to the first hero they hit. This slide can bypass landmarks, including walls

E – evisceration

Nafri swipes and then deals damage to enemies in a specific area. This ability heals members of your group

R – packet call

Al-Nafiri inflates himself and his comrades. Gains extra movement speed, can see farther, and gains a shield when attacking a hero. After each elimination, all effects are updated, and the search can continue

Naveri Splash Art

There’s no specific information about the hero’s official look yet, but you can expect the new hero to arrive in LoL on July 19 with Patch 13.14 taking effect. Until then, Riot and the summoners who run riot on the test server have about a month to test Naafiri in extreme conditions.

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