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Esport 1 – all esports in one place!

The two companies teamed up to finish the entire network together.

Scams have always been a big problem in the online gaming world, and developers need to use increasingly radical tools to protect their players from fraudsters. Selling scams violates developers’ rules in a number of ways. But to highlight the simplest ones, on the other hand, confronting the cheater will ruin the experience of the honest players ugly, and on the other hand, through written cheat for a particular game, its maker uses the game brand to make a profit without the consent of the developer.

Riot Games and Bungie have now filed a joint lawsuit against manufacturer and distributor GatorCheats and its founder and operator, Cameron Santos. As a result of the lawsuit, virtually all of the content on the GatorCheats website has disappeared, and all that is said is that the site will be closed forever due to legal actions by the two companies.

Bungie had previously learned that GatorCheats had secretly attempted to continue their “service,” even though they had removed their “products” from the site, and sent information to their customers that they would stop selling, but were still able to use the tricks they had already purchased. .

Incidentally, the site featured scams for several games (including VALORANT and Destiny 2, of course), which can be accessed for $ 90 a month, or even a lifetime right that can be purchased for $ 500-600.

According to Riot Games and Bungie, GatorCheats’ damage can run into millions of dollars.

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