England: The spectators tested again at some sporting event

England: The spectators tested again at some sporting event

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Friday that some sporting events in England will be organized with spectators on a trial basis.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces reorganization of some sporting events in England on a trial basis (Photo: AFP)


He told a Downing Street press conference that starting October 1, fans will be able to return to sporting events again, subject to health regulations and social distancing. This could be helped with a trial period beginning next week, during which spectators will be allowed to participate in some sports again on a trial basis.

The Sunday after March and the following Monday, British enthusiasts will be able to watch cricket matches at the venue, drivers will be able to visit the World Snooker Championship which begins on the last day of the month, and equestrian fans will watch live competitions on August 1st. .

“As of October 1, we want to re-allow the fans to return to the stadiums, bearing in mind the protection from the Coronavirus epidemic, and taking into account the experience of pilot events. British Prime Minister said.

It is planned that a limited number of spectators will be admitted to events with an intermittent schedule, and sections will be created as necessary, such as buffets.

So far, 45,119 people have died in the epidemic in the UK. In England, the UK’s largest and most populous country, 40,528 deaths have been recorded.

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