Running out of air about Urban - Fierce European arguments over Biden

Running out of air about Urban – Fierce European arguments over Biden

Joe Biden’s election victory sparked serious political movements in Europe. The new president will restore Washington’s full support for NATO and strengthen its relations with Berlin. While these intentions sparked sharp government reactions in London, Paris, and Berlin, it appears that Budapest has yet to realize the significance of the American challenge.

United kingdom

The British Conservative government’s Brexit strategy was based on a trade agreement with the United States under the leadership of London Trump, which could revolutionize the Brussels negotiators. However, with the victory of Biden, who had been sensitive to the Dublin position due to his opposition to Brexit and his Irish roots, Prime Minister Boris Johnson fell under the bench between two chairs.

As former Conservative Prime Minister John Major said aptly in a presentation yesterday NoticeWe have suddenly ceased to be an irreplaceable bridge between Europe and America. Today, we are less connected to both continents. “

Moreover, Biden also watched the British prime minister’s personality with hatred, and last December, Johnson witnessed Trump’s “physical and emotional reproduction.” He called.

Biden watched with concern London’s stance in the Brexit talks. “We cannot allow the Good Friday Agreement, which brings peace to Northern Ireland, to fall victim to Brexit.” written by Biden is on Twitter early in September, sharing an open letter from the Congressional Foreign Affairs Committee to the British Prime Minister. Any trade agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom must be dependent on compliance with the agreement and the return of the hard line. Point, said the Democratic politician of Irish descent.

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But British diplomacy and major politics have brought about a startling shift in the situation in recent days. On the other hand, it eased Brexit’s negotiating position and some press releases to me There may be an agreement with the European Union as early as next week.

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