Andras Domani

In the case of military investments, the Ministry of Construction will have a maximum advisory role. Csengeri Prison will receive additional funds.

The government has allocated 4 billion HUF for this year, and 8 billion HUF annually starting next year, in a decree published before the long Easter holiday. It was already decided in December that, as usual, neither the local settlement plan nor national legislation can be applied to priority investments. Instead, “special installation rules” apply, for example, the minimum permitted green area is 10 percent, and the maximum permitted building height is 30 metres. The government decision published late Thursday evening allocates additional funds for this construction: for the “personal and material conditions and operation” of the new prison capable of holding 1,500 prisoners, the Finance Minister must provide 4 billion HUF of “surplus funds” this year. One-time (including 3.3 billion to increase the salary framework), and from next year “on an integrated basis”, meaning 8.2 billion annually.

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The government also decided a number of new matters of particular importance from the point of view of the national economy. Most of these apply to investments made in the industrial area of ​​Szeged, for example, in the case of tower buildings and other works of art, a height of 55 meters is allowed, the maximum permissible level of built-up area is 60%, the minimum permissible level of green space is 20%, between buildings – subject to compliance with fire protection regulations – there is no need to maintain installation distance.

Compared to this, the government treats small matters as a priority: for example, Jude's new four-room kindergarten can reach a height of 12 meters, and there is no need to build a front garden.

A government decree was also issued on Thursday

– Removing the Ministry of Defense investments for military purposes is within the jurisdiction of the Minister of Construction and Transport.

But his representative can participate in the selection of the designer and contractor, with the exception of intelligence constructions, and the Minister of National Defense must inform him every six months.

The point made in the Investment Law that “those directly and indirectly affected by government construction investments should be allowed to express their opinions and make proposals for social accommodation”, in the case of military investments, should be understood to mean that this is limited only to “military and those directly affected by defense industrial investment” which is correct, and also in a way that “does not jeopardize Hungary’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”.

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