Index - Abroad - TikTok bans campaign activity ahead of midterm elections

Index – Abroad – TikTok bans campaign activity ahead of midterm elections

Blake Chandlee, the company’s head of global business solutions, wrote in a blog post that the company is temporarily removing all advertising and monetization features, and that users will be prevented from using the site to send their followers to campaign fundraising sites. the edge.

According to the changes, account operators affiliated with governments, politicians and parties will have to undergo a verification process in the future. The social media site has been criticized for years for being a hotbed of fake news and half-political information, misleading an entire generation of young people and even the mouthpiece of Russian propaganda — which is why the company announced the Integrity Initiative elections in August. The above two regulations are also part of this.

By banning campaign fundraising and censoring accounts, we want to strike a balance between allowing people to discuss issues that affect their lives while protecting the creative and fun platform our community loves.

Blake Chandley writes in his blog post. TikTok spokesperson Jimmy Vavazza said on Tuesday that the company plans to enforce these new rules using a “combination of technology and human moderation.”

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