Roszatom - munkába áll a Szibir atomjégtörő

Roszatom – Siberian nuclear icebreaker goes to work

2022. 01. 14. 04:30

On January 13, 2022, the world’s first mass-produced nuclear icebreaker Atomflot, which operates the fleet of Russian nuclear icebreakers in Siberia (Hungarian: Siberia), left the production plant berth at the Baltic shipyard in Saint Petersburg and headed for Murmansk. The nuclear icebreaker is ready to allow ships to pass through the waters of the shipping route in the North Sea. It will take eight to nine days to cross into Murmansk to bypass the Scandinavian Peninsula.

The global nuclear icebreaker in Siberia has the experience and knowledge of the route from Saint Petersburg to Murmansk, said Leonid Irlika, Director of Shipping at Atomflot. Weather conditions in the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea are currently unfavorable: gusts of winds exceeding 100 km / h. So recommendations from the headquarters of Atomflot in Murmansk are constantly given to the captain to keep the road safe.

Operational testing of the ship’s various systems will continue in the coming months.

A few days after arriving in Murmansk, Siberia is due to begin its first service. The ship will break the ice in the West Arctic, in the Kara Sea between the mouths of the Ob and Yenisei rivers, and in the estuaries of rivers.

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