European Union Vice President Maros Sefcovic and Brexit High Commissioner said problems in Northern Ireland were still unclear between Brussels and London, so “we may take legal action against Britain”.

“We need to rebuild trust and reorganize our relations with Britain,” said EU Commissioner Maros Sefcovic at a conference on EU-UK relations once a year. Brussels newspaper Politico reported that Brussels agreed last week to delay the deadline for settling the Northern Ireland frozen meat route. But since then David Frost, Britain’s chief Brexit envoy, has called for a new deal on the Northern Ireland Protocol, even though the EU has said several times that it cannot be changed. According to David Frost, a new agreement was needed that would lead to “allowing goods to move as freely in the customs territory as possible.”

EU Commissioner Sefkovic admitted that it was good that they agreed on the issue of frozen meat, but stressed that “confidence is a two-way street”. He pointed out that the British partner “is not fully implementing the Northern Ireland agreement. We need to get there to make sure that Britain will implement its international obligations.”

London to end the Northern Ireland agreement? Brussels fears this after David Frost’s statement over the weekend. This was stated by the Irish Foreign Minister. According to Simon Coveney, “Many in the EU interpret the latest British statement as sending a message to the EU: concessions don’t matter. They want to destroy the Northern Ireland Protocol little by little.”

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According to Coveney, this latest British statement is “a strange way to make friends and it is difficult to form a partnership in such circumstances”. Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney, who eventually emphasized the need for the EU and Britain to act as partners, said the British were pretending they had not asked for a three-month delay.

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