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Index – Offshore – The epidemic is becoming more deadly

Because of the threats with his family Lost The country is Adar Poonawalla, CEO of the Indian Serum Institute (SII).

The head of the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer said in an interview on Saturday that he had moved to the UK a week before an entry ban on the islands was imposed against India.

The billionaire claims to have recently received phone calls from some of the most powerful people in India, who demanded, accompanied by threats, for vaccines to be delivered to them immediately.

When I say that I have received threats, I still rely on the exact wording. The demands and aggression were unprecedented

– Tell.

He said he was usually receiving very friendly inquiries at first, but when he told the stakeholders that he could not comply with their request, the conversation went in a completely different direction. He explained: “They said that if you did not give us a vaccine, it would be a problem,” adding that some had already secretly expected the possibility of sending armed men to the factories to fulfill their demands. he added:

Everyone in the country now feels they need to get the vaccine first and doesn’t understand that others may need it more.

Late Saturday night, the businessman announced that he would oversee the manufacturing process in a few days will return To India. However, in the long run, there is a good chance he will stay in the UK with his family, at least until the outbreak of the epidemic in India.

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