The candidate also has a relationship with the former US President.

As the US president’s senior advisor for the Middle East, Jared Kushner achieved a breakthrough in relations between Israel and the Arab states. The so-called Abraham Accords allowed Israel to break out of quarantine and establish diplomatic relations with Sunni Arab states. Diplomatic relations were established with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco, and Israel’s cooperation with Iran with the main Arab ally of the United States, Saudi Arabia, is also intensifying, which is why Alan Dershowitz nominated Kushner for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The US attorney was eligible for the nomination because he was Professor Emeritus at Harvard Law School. However, he also had another position that could explain the move: When Democrats first tried to impeach Trump, he was the president’s attorney.

Republicans then blocked the president’s impeachment by law, but due to the Capitol blockade in January, Democrats began a new process. In this regard, Alan Dershowitz clarified his legal position in the Wall Street Journal, which is, of course, negative against the Democrats’ proposal.

Trump’s attorney Jared Kushner was nominated not only for the Nobel Prize, but also the US travel ambassador at the time. Avi Berkowitz discussed last year at his venue in the capitals of Arab countries.

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in London Watchman There are also two notable nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize. One of them is Sweden’s Greta Thunberg, who has become an iconic figure in the global movement of environmentalists. The young Swedish girl was able to express her position on climate change for the last time in a virtual meeting in Davos.

The other candidate is the Russian Alexei Navalny. The Russian secret service was tried for poisoning last year. Chancellor Merkel was released due to his personal interference in Germany, where he was cured. He returned to Russia, where he was immediately arrested. On the other hand, his colleagues posted a video of Putin’s palace, whose luxury has earned nearly 90 million so far. Putin denied that he owned the building, and the bank took over ownership of the palace. But the video still deals a severe blow to the president’s prestige. Navalny’s supporters also protested in Russia over the weekend, calling for the opposition politician’s release.

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