Canada has officially declared that China is committing a genocide

Canada has officially declared that China is committing a genocide

Canada’s parliament on Monday passed a resolution stating that the Chinese authorities’ treatment of the Uyghur minority in Xinjiang is genocide, MTI writes.

The decision proposal was put to the vote by all members except Justin Trudeau The Prime Minister and his cabinet members because they did not vote. Although the decision is not binding, it does call on the government to act. The resolution also called on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to move the site for the 2022 Winter Olympics from Beijing.

An unnamed senior government official told the AP that the foreign minister would present the government’s position on the issue, but expected that the parliamentary decision would not necessarily succeed in China and that Canada needed to work with its international allies and partners. Trudeau W. Joe Biden He added that there will be a hearing between the US president on Tuesday, and that will include the relationship of Western countries with China.

Irene O’TooleThe leader of the opposition Conservative Party said:

They are actually suffering in China (the Uyghurs). The genocide continues there. However, our values ​​are not sellers. Mr. Trudeau should have sent this message today (to Beijing), but he failed.

Bow Pej-vuIn an interview, the Chinese ambassador to Ottawa denied that a genocide occurred in his country.

Western countries are not in a position to judge the human rights situation in China

– Tell.

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