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Don’t dry out the flower while you’re on vacation: 3 ingenious self-watering ideas to keep your plants alive

Don't dry out the flower while you're on vacation: 3 ingenious self-watering ideas to keep your plants alive

From vacation to vacation, everyone sits on needles waiting for the day of departure, but the journey can be carefree only if one leaves everything at home and quietly closes the door behind him.

If you are also going on vacation and have houseplants, it certainly doesn’t matter to you whether you’ll get through hot, dry weather without watering until you get home. If you can’t ask a trusted family member or friend to water it for you, an alternative self-watering method may be helpful. With these, plants can get water even in your absence.

3 self watering modes

You wouldn’t think how simple these ‘do it yourself’ methods are, but they work well for keeping your plants watered during the holidays. The first solution, shown on the left in the photo, only requires a resealable mouth, a sturdy freezer bag, tweezers and a string of good absorbent material.

First, cut two identical pieces of thread, one end of which is dug up to the root of the plant in the soil of the flower, and then it is buried. Then release the water into the bag and insert the other end of the threads. These two threads will lead the water to the plant. The next step is to place the bag next to the tiles and secure the two upper ends to the edge with tweezers. Finally, squeeze the zipper of the bag to prevent water from evaporating from the bag.

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The second self-watering method is shown on the right in the photo above. To achieve this, a plastic or glass top cup corresponding to the circumference of the small-sized tile and a thicker thread with good absorption is required. Cut a longer piece of thread, which is pressed into the bowl through the hole in the bottom using the matching thread. You should attach the other end to the cup later because this thread will lead the water to the root. Fill the cup with enough water to leave a small space between the water and the bottom of the tile. Finally, put the pot in the cup.


If you are not a believer in DIY functionality, the third idea might be for you. The self-watering device shown in the photo can be purchased at gardening stores and home stores. A conventional PET bottle filled with water should be fixed, turned over and drilled into the container with its pointed end. In the end, all you have to do is open the small pin visible on the side. Water will constantly drip to the plant to the specified extent.

With these solutions, you don’t have to worry, as your plants will get water while you’re on vacation and can wait back green as if you left the house.

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