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Doctors are sounding the alarm about male fertility

Doctors are sounding the alarm about male fertility

According to a group of international experts, the problem is big, and we are not doing enough about it.

An international team of doctors issued a joint statement calling on governments and health system operators to recognize:

The experts have also prepared an action plan for the global action they deem necessary.

The working group is chaired by the Dean of the University of Melbourne, Moira O’Brien, and is joined by 26 specialists from ten countries (Australia, Argentina, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, the United States). In the fields of andrology and gynecology, from the fields of urology, cell biology, endocrinology, pathology, reproductive medicine, oncology, genetics, pediatrics and pharmacology.

More than 15 percent of couples are affected

About the statement, among other things, the University of Manchester website mentioned. The scientists’ report, also published in the journal Nature Reviews Urology, states, among other things, that according to the World Health Organization, every six couples of reproductive age worldwide are affected by the problem of infertility. In about half of the cases, the man is sterile.

“Decreasing sperm quality and increasing rates of testicular cancer and congenital disorders of the genitourinary system suggest that male reproductive health globally has deteriorated in recent decades. Research is needed to understand why and how to reverse this trend.

– Advertising quotes O’Bryant.

He added that although patients would have the right to professional diagnosis and targeted therapies, these are currently not available in most cases due to lack of funding and inadequate clinical practices. Furthermore, by the time affected men seek medical advice, they are often already in emotional crisis, which is further exacerbated if a doctor cannot pinpoint the cause.

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“The science of male reproductive health has been on the back burner for too long. If we really want to understand the risks and know how to manage them, we will need big changes.”

Professor Alan Pacey, who works at the University of Manchester, said.

The ten recommendations contained in the document:

  • Governments, healthcare systems and health insurance companies should recognize that male infertility is a common and serious condition and that patients have the right to professional diagnosis and targeted treatment;
  • Establish a global biobank containing histological and clinical data from parents and their children to understand the genetic and environmental causes of infertility;
  • Providing men with routine genetic sequencing and better diagnostic tests to detect fertility difficulties;
  • Study the effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals found in everyday consumer goods;
  • Regulating protection from harmful compounds, as well as developing safe alternatives;
  • Development of new diagnostic tests;
  • Testing medically supported reproductive strategies before incorporating them into clinical practice;
  • – Improving the training of health workers in the field of reproductive health;
  • Fund international collaborative research to understand the effects of genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors on male fertility;
  • Launching educational campaigns about male infertility and the importance of health care.

Bella Lackinger

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