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Courage came – Jerry Rackz finished in the top ten in the third MINI race of the weekend

Rácz Geri, Oulton Park

The third racing weekend of the year promised to be the toughest Mini ever
For Geri Rácz, who participated in the challenge, but did well,
whose wages have been his wages so far.

With much less experience than most of the field, he made his first cut,
Rácz Geri performed this weekend’s race in Oulton Park, yet he is the best of the year
achieve a result. The Hungarian rider in EXCELR8 Motorsport is MINI
Challenge proven in round three: they’re lying especially for him
Similar challenges.

After Jerry first drove his car in free practice, the real race car became a
Fast paced and also an exciting asphalt strip for both races
He initially improved. The first race can start in 16th place from 16th place
In the field, and finally in the fourteenth place waved the checkered flag, while it was Sunday
He finished in tenth place instead of two in the second game,
And on the fly, he flipped his time in a time trial. This is it
Also the best result in the series so far.


“I am very happy that after having almost no experience beforehand
It was off the track because I didn’t test here, and we were able to build the weekend really well, and
We were able to keep improving. I think I can be proud of that. I was able to lead a better time in the second race compared to the timer, which is also shown
How much we have improved,” the 16-year-old pilot did.

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“The first race is a good start compared to my teammates who start next to me
I bought it, although my wheels spin a little. I agree with him, but
I can no longer walk away from the outer arc and instead leave it.”
Jerry, who was with his engineer before Sunday’s race, brought the events back to life
He analyzed the events of the first race in detail to find out more situations
He gets better at the start of the race.

“Even then, I started from the worst outer arc, but I started doing it
get used to. I got off to a good start again, and started right in front of me
The rider drowned and I had to pull the steering wheel not
I’m faster at it. I was a little scared that my wheels were spinning too much, and
I wouldn’t be able to get around it, but fortunately I was able to solve it.”

Rush Jerry, Olton Park

Who dares win

Jerry persevered after the first race, even though it was too tight and heavy for him
To beat it, Oulton Park is a very interesting trail. “If you are in front of the full
They fight through a race, it is impossible to hide next to the other because it is only on the grass
Space remains. Even though I’ve been able to keep up with others the whole time, I feel like it
I could have gone faster on a clean track, but a lot from the first lap
I was driving in busy traffic.”

So they stayed with the team to be bigger in the second race
will risk. “I was told to cuddle and at the start of the race
Go on risky maneuvers. He came because he succeeded in the first round
I will win a spot. In fact, this was my most important assignment, and they also asked me to pay attention to pedaling from slow turns. I think so too
I managed to make it happen.”

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He didn’t shock Gerrit because he was one of his opponents in the second corner
He began, in response, to beat an overzealous opponent in the next turn.
“After he got into me, the left rear view mirror broke or bent, and so on
I didn’t see it backwards to the side. But she didn’t bother me too much about the competition
I did not notice until the end. Then at the next turn it overtook and then
“I managed to keep it behind me,” he recalls.

It wasn’t his only pass, coming in at four places until the countdown started
forward and showed that although it is difficult, it is not impossible to get past Olton
In the garden. “At the end of the penultimate lap, I was able to catch up with the previous one in front of me,
Then at the last turn of the last lap I got to him and I was with him to be,
What would it be, I’m going away. He came at me a bit too and pushed me off the track, but on the gas
By interfering, I left with good acceleration and crossed the finish line in 10th place.”

Rush Jerry, Olton Park

Thus Jerry finished the weekend in 14th and 10th places while the juniors
In his rating he placed third in the first race and second in the second race.

Next time he plays in Knockhill, Scotland, July 29-31. Good
However, he won’t be idle until then, which is the fourth of the season, among other things
He’ll also be auditioning at his tour venue, so he’ll be more prepared than he is now
Wait for the sequel.

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