Coronavirus in Hungary: There are already 1,000 deaths per million people

Coronavirus in Hungary: There are already 1,000 deaths per million people

Hardly a dozen countries lead us in the sad ranking.

On January 1, Hungary not only entered the new year, but unfortunately also joined a club: we have become one of dozens of countries where the number of deaths due to Coronavirus per thousand people reaches a thousand. While three months ago, at the beginning of October, there were barely eight hundred dead in the statistics, on the first day of the year this number swelled to nearly ten thousand, and because the country’s population (9.77 million) will not change quickly, the number of deaths is the indicator that It will get worse. Data from the Coronavirus app according to We are 17th on the list, with the exception of two dwarf countries (San Marino and Andorra) (where this indicator may be distorted due to small populations)

We have been overtaken by countries where we have lost control of the epidemic at certain times: Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom or the United States, for example.

We mapped the European data and divided the countries into four categories:

  • We marked those with light peaches that had a mortality rate per million people below five hundred,
  • With peaches, where it was between 500 and 1000,
  • Orange color, where it exceeded a thousand, but did not reach 1500 and
  • Burgundy, where the value is above 1500.

And the last category includes only Belgium, where more of us live, 11 million, and 1,709 dead per million inhabitants – nearly twenty thousand died from complications of the virus.

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Hungary is included in the group with the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, and Bulgaria.

In Austria, the laboratory is often referred to by the prime minister, 6,275 people have died, which means 712 deaths per million people per population.

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