Control also gets a sequel and a multiplayer sidebar

Control also gets a sequel and a multiplayer sidebar


The treatment takes several irons on fire, but so far we can’t take a closer look at any of them.

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a Therapy His last big game so far is 2019 control This is what split fans so badly. There were many who said we got a studio-worthy game, while others said it was far from the level that Max Payne or Alan Wake had at the time.

Overall, Control was so successful that the studio is now working on a sequel. Moreover, as it turned out, the 505 Games A multiplayer addon, codenamed Condor, is also being developed with the publisher.

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Control Test – Jesse Faden Performs Max Payne…
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” is reading!

Mikael Kasurinen, the director of Control spoke in an interview that Control is not really a game, but a world in which countless stories can be told. Jesse’s adventure was just one of many. He also added that while the studio was originally making almost single-player games, the team members also love multiplayer games, so they were given a go at doing something like that. They know that many will drag their mouths in the direction of multiplayer, trying to reassure everyone that this does not mean that quality will be compromised.

Currently, little is known about the persistence of control. It’s all for sure the bigger of the two projects, so its budget is also bigger. At the moment, no one is expecting any game to be shown in the near future. We will have to wait a long time for this. ■

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