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Conductor of the Madrid Symphony Orchestra: Ferenc Puskas

Conductor of the Madrid Symphony Orchestra: Ferenc Puskas

We have already spoken to Ian Lindsay, the UK ambassador to Hungary, on a number of football-related events, but the diplomat born in Falkirk in Scotland has now excelled as an investigator as his brother Jimmy enjoyed the Real Madrid-Eintracht Frankfurt race (7: 3) exactly sixty years ago. And it becomes clear from his words that he shared with us that he is very impressed with the football played by Ferenc Puskas, who scored four goals in Madrid and Hampden Park in Glasgow.

Ian Lindsay wears a Puskas shirt (Photo: Nemzeti Sport, 2017)


“What I said I remember was Real Madrid’s quick pass, along the way, the ball was transported quickly Remember his brother Jimmy Lindsey. – We were playing more directly in Scotland at the time, and of course we had some great players. It was also amazing how much the Spaniards played in Frankfurt. Before the match, we thought they could force the Madridists into a close fight as Eintracht scored 12 goals in the semifinals against the Scottish champions Rangers. Also unforgettable is the kind of cacophony that was produced by the German Drukkers sitting behind us in the main stands when their team scored the first goal in the final match. Then hunting trumpets rang, and there was a deafening noise, but needless to say, we didn’t hear them much in the sequel. There were a hundred and thirty-five thousand spectators in the match, and I had never seen so many people before. ”

And how was Ferenc Puskas’s play on that unforgettable evening?

Specific Program Handbook

“I can say without exaggeration that it is impressive Follow Jimmy Lindsay. – He was the captain of the big squad. Despite turning 33, his stamina was great, he never pitched the ball, and like all the top players, it was as if he always had the place and time to pick the best solution. At the end of the final, the Frankfurt players wanted his shirt first. By the way, we saw Puskas in Glasgow before that, on December 8, 1954, on my birthday, he led Hungary as captain against Scotland. I didn’t have to go to school that afternoon and it was his photo that graced the cover of the program brochure – which is right here in front of me. Back in the BEK final, maybe I liked Goal 5 better, as it was a classic counter-attack that started deep in Madrid’s midfield and finished by Puskas. Real Madrid defended well, but switched to attack with dizzying speed, surprising Frankfurt. It’s indisputable, it was the most impressive match I have seen live. “

Ian Lindsay was not nearly a year old at the time of the final match so the ambassador has no personal memories of the best Hungarian soccer player ever, but since he has lived in Hungary for years, he is aware of what the character means to the country.

“Mainly thanks to my brother, I’ve known about Puskas since I was seven when he retired, but I knew he was one of the oldest – The Hungarian-speaking diplomat told our newspaper. – He is the best soccer player in Hungarian history and has a rich football tradition, so it is no surprise that he is a national hero. In addition, he is perhaps the most famous athlete of Hungary at the international level, which I think increases the importance of the Hungarians, he is a true symbol! “

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