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Colonial traveling exhibition showcases Catalin Carrico’s studies and awards (photos and video)

Colonial traveling exhibition showcases Catalin Carrico’s studies and awards (photos and video)

Katalin Karikó, graduate and professor of the University of Szeged, the researcher who established with her discoveries synthetic medical technology based on mRNA, presents photographs of the most interesting academic awards related to science, as well as documents of the world-famous Hungarian biochemistry student. Years.

At the event, Anieko Zrenka, Director of Szent-Györgyi Albert Technikum of the Vocational Training Center of Nograd County, first greeted the audience. He pointed out that this year marks the 130th anniversary of the birth of the famous scientist and Nobel Prize winner Albert Szent-Gyorgy, who also bears the name of the school. In addition, he also talked about restarting health education at the institution in 2013, with the aim of students continuing their studies at Semmelweis University. He also emphasized that their students in the health department have persevered even during the coronavirus pandemic.

After these words, Mihaly Bala, parliamentary representative of the region, gave a speech in which he participated alongside Albert Sint-Gyorgy Catalin Carrico He also praised him. He noted that there are people, even in our narrow country, who achieve results that can make the Hungarian nation respected throughout the world. As he said: If students constantly study and develop, they can also achieve similar results in the future.

The exhibition is unusual because it shows the life journey of someone who is still alive today

Then Zoltan Baranyi, General Director of the Nógrád Vármegyei Szakképzési Centrum took the floor. According to him, this exhibition has reached the best place, which is unusual, if only because it shows the life journey of a person who is still alive. today. The name of a Hungarian scientist whose name the world knew and whose achievements were respected.

Today we live in an era where recognition has become above all else, and many people achieve this by showing off without performing in the virtual world. However, Catalin Carrico chose the more difficult path, which was study, and as the daughter of an Olympic champion, she built her career on the work she had done. It has been proven by life, because the correctness of the answers to the problems of humanity is not determined by the number of followers and likes, but by the reality test, in which it saved human lives – said Zoltan Baranyi. He added: All this also made Katalin Carrico responsible, as the Hungarian scientist living in America started several mentoring programs after recognizing the discovery that shapes the world, setting an example that wealth and recognition must be linked to responsibility.

Catalin Carrico’s entire life revolves around learning, perseverance, love of science and faith

After the greeting, Ilona Paszkani Ujszazy, Senior Communications Expert at the Directorate of International and Public Relations at the University of Szeged, introduced the exhibition to the attendees.

– Through the traveling exhibition, the employees of the Directorate of International and Public Relations of the University of Szeged wanted to present the life journey that we had the opportunity to learn about. Katalin Karicó’s whole life is centered around learning, perseverance, love of science and belief that what she considers important, you will achieve the goal using these methods – emphasized Ilona Paszkány Ujszazy. He also noted that Katalin Kariko, a former biology student at the University of Szeged, provided objects and documents illustrating her life’s path for the traveling exhibition. It expresses how important he regards the experiences he gained in primary or secondary school in Keswichalas, which he was able to complete as a biology student at the University of Szeged, or as a doctoral student, or while working at the Biological Research Center in Szeged.

The exhibition also displays the list of awards she has received since 2020, which Catalin Carrico considers important from the point of view of being able to talk about the importance of learning, the importance of science and the value of research at award ceremonies. That’s why I want to take the traveling exhibition to as many locations as possible and encourage young people to visit them as well.

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