Catalog – Sports – Day 5 of the Tokyo Olympics – live

Archer Matthias Balogh was eliminated from the first round of Olympic and world champion Kim Fu Jin, farewell to the Tokyo Olympics.

The 21-year-old Hungarian champion finished Friday 61st in the 64-man field with 632 laps. The only Hungarian archer in the Tokyo Olympics had previously set a target to be out of 32, but – according to his previous statement – he had to be better in the rankings in order to have a defeatable opponent. Thus, in the first round, he hit a ball against fourth-placed Kim, who is now a two-time Olympic champion with his team’s victory in the Japanese capital. He is also a four-time world champion Including in 2011 and 2015 individually In addition, since Rio, he holds the Olympic record with seven hundred laps.

So the odds for the match were clearly the South Korean archer, who started with three points in the opening set, while Balogh scored eight on two out of ten, giving Kim the lead.

In the jump, the Malév SC rider shot another eighty in addition to the nine, so the South Korean competitor also had to shoot a nine and then an eight after the first arrow.

The third set had the biggest difference: Kim Vu Jin started with scores, while Balogh shot just eight, and the next playoff was three FITA rounds in favor of the most likely bowler from the Far East (9 and 6, respectively). In the conclusion, they both scored scores, so Kim won this group with a confident advantage and closed the match.

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Shooting results (Gomenosima Shooting Park):

Men’s Council 64:

Kim Fu Jin (South Korea) – Mate Balog 6-0 (27-26, 27-25, 29-24)

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