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Can Shrek and Thomas the Tank Engine say goodbye to Resident Evil?

Can Shrek and Thomas the Tank Engine say goodbye to Resident Evil?
  • Capcom will be strict with mods
  • According to one of the studio’s programmers, they are no different from fraud
  • Therefore, various anti-cheat software should also block these programs
  • although vampire-The series has already received a lot of modifications

One of the biggest advantages of playing video games on PC is modability (although Bethesda titles already have this option on consoles, but in a very limited way), thanks to which we can add a lot of creativity with unofficial add-ons. In addition to the funny attempts, there are also quite a few bits that can significantly extend the life of the given product (or change everything so much that the new version provides a completely different experience), so it’s no wonder so many people are taking advantage of this opportunity. However, one of Capcom’s programmers, Taro Jahagi, believes such associations should be taken seriously.

PCGamesN noted that anti-cheat and anti-piracy measures for PC games were discussed during last week’s Capcom Open Conference, and Taro Jahagi rated the mods as spam. The programmer explained that although modifications are very popular among users because they allow many additional features and changes, anti-fraud and anti-piracy programs should prevent them, because they do not differ from malware in terms of implementation. He specifically made it clear that “all mods that are not officially supported should be classified as fraudulent.” In addition, he also pointed out that some pieces cast a completely bad light on the company, as they “violate public order and morality.” It is not difficult to guess further vampire– A series targeting shows that expose women, but it would be very sad if they made modeling impossible in the future, given that Resident Evil 4Several particularly funny pieces were created for Thomas, not to mention the steam locomotive.

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