An ancient meteorite may reveal the origin of life

An ancient meteorite may reveal the origin of life

According to the latest results, the meteorite that hit England this year is 4.5 billion years old SciTech Daily. The rock was formed at the beginning of the history of the solar system, researchers say, and studying it can help us better understand how the oceans and the first life forms on Earth appeared.

The multi-part Winchcombe meteorite is a carbonaceous chondrite, these bodies contain water and organic matter. The meteorite formed in the early stages of the solar system and retained its ancient characteristics. The Meteorological Society recently agreed to classify the rocks as CM.

Many researchers in the UK have been involved in the analysis of meteorites. Dr.. Ashley KingAccording to an expert at the London Museum of Natural History, the Winchcombe facility is the first meteorite to be found in the UK after 30 years and the first coal chondrite to be discovered here.

Examining rocks may also help us understand how life evolved on our planet.

Many experts believe that the building blocks of life arrived on Earth through similar organisms.

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Dr.. Queenie ChanAccording to a researcher at University College London, even preliminary analyzes revealed that the meteorite contained a lot of different organic matter. Because the object was quickly collected and started to be examined weeks after its impact, it does not contain significant ground pollutants.

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