Minden EU-s állampolgár csak útlevéllel mehet Nagy-Britanniába

All EU citizens can go to the UK with only a passport

After leaving the EU, the UK will now introduce rules that will tighten border crossings, Zoltan Galic, associate professor at Corvinus University in Budapest, drew attention to this. InfoStartnac. As part of the European Economic Area, it was enough for people coming from Hungary to present their ID before Brexit, but now all EU citizens will need a passport.

“In other words, you can only enter the UK with a passport valid for the duration of your stay,” Galic explained.

Exceptions are only available to those who have established or pre-established status in the UK and are accepted for personal use. An important change from the facilities that were introduced in 2004 is the need to be able to prove again at the border if one is coming for tourism. In other words, you have to prove that you have cover for the return flight, that you already have a place to stay, you can show the address.

The border guards have the right to return anyone to the border, so it is very important that no one jokes about the strict rules.

From now on, you can stay in the UK without a visa for six months.

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