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Alan Moore: Superheroes are an epidemic in cinema (and more harsh quotes)

Moore says superheroes were made for children and stolen from original creators long ago.

One of the greatest characters in comic history, Alan Moore, totally took superhero movies in a recent interview – IndieWire writes. Moore is primarily a prof Guards Known for his creativity: work cruelly dismantling superheroes is widely regarded as the best comic ever created, so Moore’s opinion shouldn’t be underestimated.

Alan Moore actually expressed his dismay in 2017: At the time, he said the influence of superheroes on popular culture.Terribly ashamedNow, however, he has made clear his views on a Delivery timeIn an interview with. “They are an epidemic of cinema and culture to some extent” – Tell. – “I was saying a few years ago:

It’s a disturbing sign that hundreds of thousands of adults are lining up to watch the characters that were created fifty years ago to entertain twelve-year-olds.

Everyone seems to be a desire to escape from the complexity of the modern world. An unforgettable return to childhood. Seems dangerous: the childhood of the inhabitants.

Moore said it was no coincidence that in 2016, when the United States voted for Trump and the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, six of the 12 highest-grossing films were about superheroes. “Think,

Both are symptoms of the same phenomenon: a denial of reality and a desire for simplified and exciting solutions.

a Delivery time Moore also asked if he’s interested in superhero movies at all. “Jesus, by no means is it impossible for me to look at themThe writer replied. – ”Every character has been stolen from their original creators, all of them. A long string of ghosts meander behind them … the superheroes don’t care; It was invented for children in the 30’s and is well suited to entertaining children. But if you want to adapt it to the adult world, the result is a bit ugly.

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Alan Moore isn’t the only person to look with dismay at the stream of industrial superhero movies. Last year, Martin Scorsese caused a notorious scandal when he explained the futility of the comics in a long statement: “No moviesHe said about them, then mentioned in detail later:The darkest change crept, under the guise of night: the gradual but constant elimination of risks. Today, many films are an ideal product: intended for immediate consumption. In the end, Disney leader Bob Iger himself got into an argument with him.

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