Admission to high school in Kumarom Felvidé

Admission to high school in Kumarom Felvidé

The number of ninth graders in the country, who sit for the entrance examination in a secondary school or grammar school, ranges between the third and fourteenth of May, between 55 and 57 thousand. Now, fifth graders who wish to continue their studies are accepted into an eight-year high school.

Applicants to the Hungarian school had to write an entrance examination in the Hungarian language as well as the Slovak language and mathematics. This year we missed Test 9, which will be written later with our 9th graders. We asked the principals of three Kumarom high schools about this year’s admission results.

Currently, elementary school graduates can apply to multiple locations, and the ranking does not matter. Students usually nominate two different institutions or majors within the school, so the entrance exams consist of two rounds. “Each school must make two admissions. For those who nominate the institution in first place, on May 3, and on May 10, those who get second place.

An additional date has been added to admission because additional admission processes must be made for students who have been unable to attend due to illness or are now in quarantine.

– Emre Androsco, principal of Janus Seeley High School, explained.

Emre Androsco, Principal of Janus Selye High School (Photo: SJG)

He said that for our sake, 165 students applied to their institution, of whom 145 students were enrolled in the first and second rounds, so there would be no problem in filling out the envelope planned for 100 people. “The provinces strictly regulate the number of students that can be accepted in all parts of the country,” he noted. So far, 144 students have been admitted to Kumarom Grammar School, one student has been in quarantine, and the opportunity has yet to be given a separate admission day.

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He said, “That’s why we drew the line at 99, because for this student to be accepted, he must keep his place.” He said the junior high school got 20 places for 13 students.

“We would like to open our 8-year training with them, and we will ask permission to do so, as the minimum class size in mixed areas is 9 people.”

Confirmed. He stressed that these numbers are not final results yet because students still have a week to decide which school to choose in the end. And Andresco pointed out, “So no one in our 100th place should be very enthusiastic either, because experience shows that 8-10 of the first hundred students are more important than the other place they marked.”

According to him, the current situation with this regulation is not good for schools. Is without

With the upcoming amendment to the school law, the ministry wants those who have been admitted to the school and the candidates in the first place will no longer have to register with the second elected institution, so the matter, unlike the current situation, will in fact mean arrangement in the future.

“Had it been approved, the law would now come into effect on September 1, but it has not been enforced due to the government crisis. If all goes well, this amendment to the Schools Law will take effect on September 1, 2022.

When asked if they had taken into account the recent absence of attendance training, Andruskó replied in the affirmative.

“ Fellows put out easier acceptance questions compared to previous years, as we also see teaching online was a compulsion and a negative generation experience for children.

In addition to ministerial decisions, there were also recommendations for high schools to take into account during admission that these students rarely attended school in the past year. According to Androsco, of course, the backlog should be brought in, which will not be easy, but in addition to evaluating the academic year, modification of the educational program must also be considered, and catch-up programs should be included in the curriculum.

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Róbert Madarász (Photo: Felvidé, archive)

To Marianum Church Center this year

67 students applied for 17 places.

Principal Róbert Madarász quickly added, now he cannot report the final score, as students will still be able to decide which school of their choice for the next week. As we have learned, there was also an applicant in this institution who is currently in quarantine and therefore cannot attend at the announced time. He also thought the current law wasn’t very fortunate for schools. “I very much welcome the ministry to submit the relevant amendment and accept it because it makes the schools’ work very difficult,” he said. Said the headmaster of the Catholic school

For them, the admission criteria were similar to previous years, as they were interested in students’ real-life knowledge. “ The peer experience is that students’ knowledge is no worse than in previous years and very similar results have been achieved.

“Those who came to register were ready to calculate their knowledge,” he said. As we learned, as a church grammar school, they come to them from the wider area, and from other areas as well. He pointed out that “anyone who wishes to attend a secondary school in a Hungarian Catholic institution can, in practice, only choose us, along with Ipolysag and Cepce.”

Janus Vetter, principal of Komarom Vocational High School, told us

265 students were admitted to the institution in the two announced days – final results are not final for the reasons detailed above. 145 students were registered in the first round and 120 students in the second round.

This year, 20 students could be admitted to a Slovakian language class for electrical engineering, 52 students in two classes in electro-technical engineering in Hungarian, 25 students in mechanical engineering and 22 students in the department of technical information technology. “That’s a total of 119 students, which is nearly two and a half times the over enrollment, which is a good average,” he said. As he said, they also tried to make the entry requirements easier, maybe also due to the fact that there were some who scored very good grades.

There were also students in this school who were unable to attend any of the announced dates due to the quarantine, and they could register on the third time.

The manager also believes it will make their lives more difficult for them to be able to advance to two places this year. The two places chosen are equal and the student can decide which institution to choose based on his results. He said, “Perhaps one of the most important points in the draft law amending the schools law is schools: it will provide security and transparency.”

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