At the foot of the Csíki Hills in Budaörs we find one of the coolest food bars in the area

At the foot of the Csíki Hills in Budaörs we find one of the coolest food bars in the area

The GastroGarden in Budaörs is celebrating its second birthday this year. Visitors can discover exciting programs and food trucks at the gastropub located at the foot of the Seki Mountains.

Since the opening, the guys have collected many improvements, such as in GastroGarden Today, a covered winter garden and a fireplace capable of accommodating fifty people provide protection from the scorching sun and torrential rain.

Birthdays, company events, and team building events are regular events here, and the park can be an ideal location even in summer, when We can rest among the flowering banana and chard palm trees We sip on a refreshing lemonade, or even in the winter, when we are surrounded by a real cottage atmosphere and sip our wine.

Gastroyard with variety offer

The cornerstone of the place in Budaörs is still the BBQ. The basic unit is a Black Box BBQwhose team cooks the best meat locally, so it’s no surprise that the garden is nearing completion Its signature dish is BBQ Beef cheek, which can be found in the list in several ways. miss you! In addition to barbecue dishes, hamburgers and oven pizza add color to the presentation.

One of the new food trucks from Garden this year, The banko It represents a more classic line: It enhances the range with soups, fried meats, and panko-topped sandwiches.

drink a Maniz Bistro Provided by their mobile phone bar converted from a sleeping circus car. In addition to their brewed beer, their gin with hops is also available, and the fresh lime juice can be made with any Meyer syrup. In the fall and winter, many handcrafted hot chocolates and melted wines are sure to be included again in the repertoire. The mini-brewery festival organized in the summer has been a huge success, with its second round expected to start in September.

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GastroGarden continues to rotate in September

The season doesn’t end here either by the end of summer, as more barbecues, party programs, and live music evenings will take place in September. Many exciting picnic spots start or end in the area, so GastroGarden can be the perfect weekend destination even in the fall.

About the current programs in the Garden On his Facebook page Worth checking out.

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