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According to Ukrainian intelligence, Moscow is preparing for an ever-larger missile attack

According to Ukrainian intelligence, Moscow is preparing for an ever-larger missile attack

While Ukraine Ukrainian Air Force Command spokesman Yury Ignat celebrated the withdrawal of Russian forces from the southern city of Kherson, and raised the possibility that President Vladimir Putin would order an unprecedented missile strike during the G20 summit in Bali on November 15-16.

Ignat, as translated by the Ukrainian news television TSN, said so too Russia Its stockpile has been significantly depleted after the “unbelievable number of missiles” fired at Ukraine. The command spokesperson added that Russia could no longer keep Ukraine under constant missile fire as they had done during the October 10 campaign of revenge. NEWSWEEK. However, they expect the attacks timed for the G20 economic summit to be overwhelming, even if there is no sustained missile launch.

After Iranian drones, Putin can buy Iranian missiles

Despite Moscow’s low supply, Iran Russia supplies unmanned aerial vehicles such as the Shahid-136, also known as kamikaze drones, ballistic missiles such as the Fateh-110 and the Zollvagar missile – a variant of the Fateh-110 family. Iran said this week that it had developed its first domestic hypersonic ballistic missile, which other countries’ air defense systems would not be able to eliminate for decades.

Anton Gerashchenko, Ukraine’s internal affairs advisor, tweeted about Ignat’s remarks, adding: “We know that Russia will avenge its defeats on the civilian population.” The G20 summit will be held on the Indonesian island on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Vladimir Putin would not attend.

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Wartime sanctions against Russia affected its access to parts needed to manufacture new weapons. Among other things, the impact of these actions is being felt by the Tactical Missile Company of Korolev, Moscow Region, which manufactures missiles for Russian forces stationed in Ukraine.

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