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A new chapter of cooperation and growth begins

A new chapter of cooperation and growth begins

On the morning of February 9, 2024, the Canadian Rugby Union and the Canadian Rugby Players Association (CRPA) entered into a historic three-year collective agreement. Steeped in mutual respect and shared ambition, the agreement represents a turning point in the relationship between the national governing body and its athletes. Although the exact details of the agreement remain confidential, its spirit is one of empowerment, giving players a significant voice in the discussions and decisions that shape the course of the sport in Canada.

Pivotal move towards cooperation

Ben Lesage, an experienced player and representative of the Canadian men's 15s team, hailed the deal as a game-changer. He added: “This agreement is not just a piece of paper.” “It is a testament to our collective commitment to growing the sport we love and ensuring players’ voices are heard.”

Echoing LeSage's sentiments, Nathan BombressRugby Canada's CEO described the agreement as a tangible step in the organization's mission to optimally support the ambitions of its players, on and off the field. “We're not just building better athletes,” Bombris said. “We nurture well-skilled individuals who can contribute to the sport and society as a whole.”

A new era of cooperation

The agreement stands in stark contrast to the tensions that characterized 2018, when seven players staged a protest against changes to their contracts. The boycott of the training courses was a watershed moment, leading to the formation of the CRPA and ultimately paving the way for this groundbreaking agreement.

The journey to this agreement was not without obstacles. The involvement of Canadian Olympic Committee Legal assistance from Fasquin Martineau Dumoulin LLP It has proven crucial in reaching consensus. The collective agreement represents a new era of cooperation aimed at enhancing the status of sport and the well-being of athletes in Canada.

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From conflict to dialogue

The 2018 dispute served as a catalyst, prompting a re-evaluation of the relationship between the Canadian Rugby Union and its players. The formation of the CRPA marked the beginning of the dialogue that led to the first collective agreement of its kind. This agreement is more than just a compromise; It is a commitment to cooperation, mutual respect and shared ambition.

The agreement reflects the desire to enhance the reputation and integrity of the sport, increase participation, maximize commercial opportunities and promote positive relationships with other professional federations and clubs. Rugby Canada and the CRPA look forward to working together under this agreement to cultivate a strong and healthy rugby scene in Canada.

As the sun sets on this historic day, Canada's rugby community looks forward to a future defined by collaboration, growth and the pursuit of excellence. The historic agreement between Rugby Canada and the CRPA is not just a milestone; It is the first step in a new chapter for the sport, one that promises to empower players and take the game to new heights.

Title: “Canadian Rugby and CRPA Historic Seal Agreement: The Beginning of a New Chapter of Collaboration and Growth”

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