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A green oasis in the heart of Szeged … Kindergarten Discover Makkosház Community Garden – News of Szeged

A green oasis in the heart of Szeged … Kindergarten Discover Makkosház Community Garden – News of Szeged

The green heart of Szeged sparkles with beautiful colors once again. Szeged365 cams have admired the oasis between condominiums in Szeged several times. This is a community space that has already been studied by groups from Switzerland. Makkosházi Community Garden is one of the city’s hidden treasures, a place where old and young can take care of plants together, spend their free time in nature, and experience the closeness between nature and the power of community.

Pál Kinyó, chief coordinator of the community garden, has shown more than once how organized and happy there are among the more than 40 beds, where different age groups can recharge together. Each bed is a person’s personal little kingdom where they can observe the wonders of nature while learning the art of growing healthy vegetables and fruits.

The garden has recently received new visitors: a kindergartner who has discovered the magic of the Makkosházi Community Garden for the first time. The children roamed the garden with great excitement, got to know the plants and were able to experience the feeling of being close to nature. After the visit, the children drew their experiences in the garden, and the five most beautiful ones were honored.

The winners were honored by Dr. Joseph Kuzma, Member of Parliament, and Edit Bezdani, Head of Kindergarten Members, with a story book each, which will surely give children new inspiration for drawing about nature.

Visiting the Makkosházi Community Garden was an experience for both kindergarten students and caregivers, who were pleased to see that the next generation was also happy to discover the wonders of nature.

The community garden welcomes future visitors and hopes that visits will inspire young people to care about their environment and learn how to live sustainably, as well as enhance their sense of community. Helping each other and getting involved in the community is what really fills Makkosházi Community Garden with life. And in July we will visit the little Makkosháza jewelry box again.

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