Will the new Piastri become an F1 champion candidate?

Will the new Piastri become an F1 champion candidate?

Brazilian Felipe Drogovic, the most likely contender for this year’s Formula 2 Championship, is said to have not been contacted by Formula 1. His age doesn’t seem to be an obstacle, rather the reason for his lack of interest may be that it took him so long to stand out from the F2 field.

It seems that last year’s Formula 2 champion Oscar Piastre will not get a place in the Formula 1 arena after a year of his success. Brazilian Felipe Drogovic leads by 43 points over Theo Borshire, with six races left in the championship on three tracks.

Meanwhile, 22-year-old Drogovic has barely emerged as a candidate for the F1 2023 drivers.I was shocked that he has not been contacted by any F1 team as far as I know.– His team manager Jeremy Cottrell said of F2’s Dream Chasing program.

Felipe DrogovicSource: NurPhoto via AFP / Xavier Bonilla / NurPhoto / Xavier Bonilla

Drogovic’s situation is worse compared to Pastry in that he is not mentioned as a generational talent and not a member of any F1 team’s academy. It’s rare to hear that Williams might have been watching him, or that he might be a backup driver for Aston Martin.

himself For the Dutch version of Motorsport.com He did not respond to the rumors and confirmed that he is focused on the task ahead of him this year, but of course F1 is his target.

The Motorsport MagazineA source familiar with F2 said Drugovich “may be being revised due to [George] Russell, [Charles] Leclerc, [Oscar] Piastre won the championship in his first year,” which means he’s not necessarily an outstanding talent. In fact, the Brazilian is already in his third season in this series, and none of those who took so long to reach the top have had an impressive F1 career. (Rev. Maldonado could be considered the most successful), or they didn’t even get the chance to do so. In the past two years, Drogovic has ranked ninth and eighth in perhaps the most important youth streak.

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