A competitor from Gyor will take part in the European Championships in Bled

“Eszter is considered very young, in fact she is still under 23, so it will be difficult for her to hold her own among the big boys, but we trust her, and she has the skills to get close to the finals, even in the finals,” said Oscar Papp, President of GYAC, adding: They can only start one competitor because non-Olympic numbers are removed from the continental championship programme.

“For this reason, Bens Szabo and Balaz Szulosi cannot be present in Bled either, although they also have a chance to perform well,” added the club director.

By the way, the European Youth Championship was held in France last week. The Army Review for the younger age group was hosted by Brive-la-Gaillarde, in which six Hungarian units will compete, including a total of thirteen competitors. Hella Binxx and Fauzi Poglarka were among the GYAC athletes in the female coxswain duo, Peter Gaszoni in the boys coxswain duo – he was in a boat with Ferenc Szigeti from Csepel – and dám Csizmadia as a member of the four coxswain boys Kalmár from Szolnok and Spade with Ágoston Pálmai and Simon Kunstár from Szeged. The coach of the competitors from Gyor is Zoltán Alfoldi, Technical Director of the GYAC Centre.

Among them, Csizmadiás became bronze medalists, the unit formed by Bencsics and Füzi finished fourth, while Gasztonyis finished eleventh.

“The four-man team made up really well, had a really good result, definitely got third place, the top two got away from them a bit more and our team beat them by a bit more so the bronze wasn’t in jeopardy. We’re also proud of the others, I think the position The fourth was beyond expectations, and Peter Gazztoni’s team did better in the national team, but they also gave their best at the European Championships,” continued Oscar Babb, who hopes they can continue these youngsters here in Győr. And here they can realize themselves in the future.

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“Roughly, this can be the goal for them, if we manage them well in Gyor, secure the conditions, and young people can continue their studies at the University of Gyor, we can look forward to a bright future, and we can consider moving to higher goals,” said the chief. The club’s ultimate value of the bronze medal and fourth place is enhanced by the fact that they are all Olympic numbers.”

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