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7 cozy places worth trying

7 cozy places worth trying

We must not forget the gastronomic experiences during a relaxing stroll in the City Park or a few hours of quick relaxation. We show you places where you can relax with delicious snacks and refreshments.


Városliget’s famous bistro, Pántlika, has been brightening up the daily lives of those who come and go in Városliget since 1963, exactly 60 years ago this year. Under the sinusoidal curved roof, you can enjoy the atmosphere of old times, along with burgers, tortillas, and hummus dishes that appeal to both meat lovers and vegetarians. If before, during or after the flavors of the new wave you want to dedicate some time not only to the retro atmosphere, but also to the flavors of the past, we definitely recommend trying the traditional bean goulash, as well as dumplings with strawberry sauce and sour cream!

1146 Budapest, Hermina út 47. | website | Facebook

Photo: Pántlika’s Facebook page

Liz Diego

Digo, which offers Dolce vita and the Southern Italian experience in the form of Neapolitan pizza, moved to the shores of Lake Városligeti this summer after its restaurants in Budapest and two in Balaton. While traditional and special pizzas are prepared one after another in the wood-burning oven, guests can enjoy the setting of one of Budapest’s most beautiful gardens and lake panoramas to their heart’s content. In addition to pizza, focaccia filled to the brim, tiramisu slices, Italian refreshments, and great coffee make for additional taste experiences.

1146 Budapest, Allatkerti krt. 3. | website | Facebook

Photo: Lizsé Digo’s Facebook page

Anonymous tape and more

Anonymus Bar & More awaits its guests in the shadow of the romantic Vajdahunyad Castle, on the shores of Lake Városligeti. If you manage to take a picture with the statue that bears the name of the place, it might be worth taking a break here in the pleasant surroundings of the lake. At Anonymus, you can enjoy simple cocktails, a hearty course, and refreshments in the same way as with the stuffed pies at the Kecskemét pie factory.

1146 Budapest, Kós Károly stny. 1. | website | Facebook

Photo: Orsolya Laszlo

If you want to enjoy the soft waves of Lake Varoseljeti not only from the shore:

Trila Bistro – The House of Hungarian Music

Trilla Bisztró, which combines musical and gastronomy experiences, is located in Magyar Zene Háza and is impressive inside and out. The incomparable atmosphere of Trilla can be enjoyed in the restaurant that opens from the hall, on the terrace in the same way as upstairs, now in the lap of foliage. If you have made up your mind, there is nothing left for you to do but choose from an array of traditional yet reimagined dishes, exquisite refreshments and sweet experiences.

1146 Budapest, Olof Palme Park 3. | Facebook

Photo: Trilla Bisztro’s Facebook page

balloon park

Léghajó KERT is located next to Városliget Stadium, and is ideal for recharging your batteries before playing or relaxing after yoga classes outdoors. Coffee, biscuits, sandwiches and fluffy croissants await guests who want to relax in the garden, known as the gastronook. And if you plan to visit them on Fridays, don’t forget that they regularly repeat their well-deserved famous event called Pulled Pork Fridays.

1146 Budapest Park Dvorak 1. | Facebook

Photo: Léghajó KERT Facebook page

Szechenyi Garden Restaurant

You can taste the delicious side of Széchenyi Bath if you decide to go to Széchenyi Garden Restaurant during lunch or dinner. From the balcony, open in summer and covered in winter, which offers a panoramic view, you can experience the atmosphere of Városliget from a completely different perspective, with some turn-of-the-century atmosphere. The restaurant’s menu pays homage to traditional Hungarian flavors and international dishes, whether it’s Hortobágy pies or marinated salmon with zucchini pond and sour cream.

1146 Budapest, Allatkerti krt. 11. | website | Facebook

Photo: Széchenyi Garden Restaurant’s Facebook page

Lash Big Grove

The name Lajos Bíró and its legendary fried meat should not be unknown to Budapest ears. Fried meat at Buja Dizznók is an unmissable event in Városliget. You can order everything from chicken legs, duck liver and cheese fried in the shape of a lollipop, surrounded by various decorations, or topped with flatbread. In addition to respectable portions, it is definitely worth leaving a little space for the food.

1146 Budapest, Allatkerti krt. 9. | Facebook

Photo: Buja Dizznó-k Liget’s Facebook page

If you’re going down Kazinczy Street in the heart of downtown:

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