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37-year-old Tímea is a spitting version of the disco queen, which they couldn’t deny each other

37-year-old Tímea is a spitting version of the disco queen, which they couldn’t deny each other

Judith Szcz’s daughter is a true natural beauty, and is more like a diva when it comes to speaking, though it’s also true that it’s only on the outside, because they’re both very different personality types.

A radiant mother-daughter pair

The name Judith Szűcs sounds familiar to all, as her career has not been interrupted for decades, and audiences still hear her songs to this day. She has been fond of music since she was a little girl, and learned to play the piano when she was in elementary school, and although she trained as a hairdresser in high school, she did not give up singing, as she also performed with girls. Choir of the Hairdressing Association called Tavasz ´67. Soon after, he and his brother, Gábor Antal Szoks, founded the Szivární band, and later also sang in Beatrice, then started at the Dance Song Festival in 1972, but the real breakthrough came in 1977 at the Metronóm Festival, where he danced still! He performed a funk song. He was at the peak of his career in the 70-80s, gaining great popularity not only in our country, but also in the USSR, the German Democratic Republic and Czechoslovakia. Meanwhile, she also didn’t give up on starting a family: She was the wife of composer and lyricist Chapa Fulop for ten years, and their relationship gave birth to a baby named Tímea, who was born in 1985. The legendary disco queen is now 69, but nowadays she’s as attractive and glamorous as she was in Her youth – In addition, Tímea also inherited a lot of her beauty, which she cannot deny that the singer is her mother. In our gallery we show how beautiful Szűcs’ 37-year-old daughter Judith is:

Judith Szoks has always been able to wrap the audience around her finger not only with her talent, but also with her beauty, charisma and radiance. The singer looks great even over 60, she still has a lively and stunning character, but this cannot be said about her daughter at all.

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Not only do the siblings match on the outside almost to the point of speaking, but their internal values ​​are similar, so they get along wonderfully well.

Photo: MTVA/Zsolt Zih

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