Zsuzsa Csisztu's long-seen sons are very big: Krisztián 13, Adrián 8 years old - Hungarian star

Zsuzsa Csisztu’s long-seen sons are very big: Krisztián 13, Adrián 8 years old – Hungarian star

Zsuzsa Csisztu As a gymnast, he was a member of the Hungarian national team from 1982 to 1992. As a pioneering athlete, he learned to be consistent, which is also helpful in parenting today. With his children, distance learning difficulties are easily dealt with.

After retiring from racing, he began his career as a professional presenter and commentator. She has broadcast six Olympics, has sported news, and has appeared as a host for shows like Sunrise, Telesport or Diary.

Zsuzsa Csisztu’s children are really big

In the 2000s, his career was not only lucky, but love was also found. With her second husband, Dr. They married Norbert Kitsky on October 29, 2006. From their era, two young sons were born, which can no longer be described slowly with the word “young”: Krisztián is 13 years old, and Adrián is eight years old.

The coronavirus epidemic, like all families, has rearranged their daily routines. After the boys completed their studies online and their mother also worked from home, they had to reconcile learning and work.

“I have to say, every worker parent is going through a hard time now.” Thankfully, we could all do our job in a separate room. My husband takes care of many patients on his private appointment, so those who stay home bear a heavy burden. He said to Hot! magazine.

Her stellar mom often moved between the three rooms. While Adrian I had to help him learn the basics of writing, reading and arithmetic, as a seventh-grader, good grades were important to the seventh grade as well.

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– Fortunately we really like to be together, we do very well as a family. We go on big trips and sport can’t be excluded from our lives either!

Andras Stoll and his young son

Not only did Andreska inherit the name Andras Stoll from her father, but she also inherited her features. The youngest member of the family, who is dripping, is becoming more and more an actor.

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