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YouTube has also strengthened in Europe

YouTube has also strengthened in Europe

10/16/2023 – In the past period, we have reported several times about this on YouTube He doesn’t really tolerate that Ad blocking apps. Indeed, at the end of June 2023, users were warned to prepare for more dangerous responses. The use of these extensions and applications means a huge loss of income for the company, as business partners’ ads are not displayed. Advertisers are well aware of this, so the giant definitely had to do something.

YouTube warns like this – three videos and the page is blocked

Based on current experience, YouTube bans a user from the site after releasing a video containing 3 ad blockers. Of course, this is not always, after turning off the ad blocker, you can use the popular site again. The site has been warning us in the above manner since mid-summer. It is worth noting that this was a message that could be closed immediately, with a simple “X” in the upper right corner of the pop-up window. However, until now, the system has only been active in the United States.

YouTube has also strengthened in Europe

However, the change introduced in recent days, which is now widespread in Europe, has already reached slightly more radical methods. The X in the upper right corner has been replaced with a counter. The timing content of this is currently unique, with reports suggesting that users who block YouTube ads can standby for between 30 and 60 seconds. This can be much more frustrating than the version that debuted previously.

YouTube has rolled out this window for a few days now

It’s also worth noting that the aforementioned wait time of approximately one minute is much longer than viewers using ad blockers had to wait while the ad played at the beginning of the video. At the moment, not everyone has activated the above method, but by the end of October this may be the default message. Google likes to test with “waves,” which is why YouTube’s interface is often not uniform. By definition, the above restrictions do not affect YouTube Premium users or users who do not use ad blockers. It’s a great question what other tricks Google will do in the near future. We can be sure that the presence of ad blockers will be treated more harshly than in recent years. Just as it is certain that ad blocker developers do not sit idle either.

source: Computer forum

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