You have to play for life

1. What was the most memorable birthday?
– the first. Yes, no, I don’t remember that. Maybe the fourteenth, because when I got my first guitar, I was using my brother until then. Growing up in a musical family, I tried several musical instruments in the music school, and I can also play a hunting horn.

2. Is there anything in your life that is hurting you?
“Even though I lived a rather dense life and tried myself in several areas, I definitely missed a lot of things. I also have two degrees, but I am sorry that I did not apply to University of Physical Education, football coach, at a young age. So I had to I train with an adult to be a trainer.

3. What do you like most about yourself?
– This is me. I don’t make a difference, I can talk to anyone, regardless of age, skin color, education level and rank. I am open and inquisitive.

4. How do you get out of the world?
Man’s stupidity, envy and malice.

5. Out of curiosity, with whom will you change your life for one day?
– with the wise men. Dalai Lama because Buddhism is a beautiful religion. For one day, I love to hide in Charlie Chaplin’s skin too, he was a brilliant actor and his life is so much fun.

6. If you won the dream trip, what would you choose as your destination?
“I’ve visited one hundred and six countries so far, but I hope there are quite a few.” If the epidemiological situation did not make travel impossible, we would be in Africa now with my wife, admiring Tanzania and Zanzibar. We planned to try our Underwater Floating Hotel. Hope I can start again soon

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7. What is your most valuable useless thing?
Samples of land brought from different states in Australia. They are completely different in color and texture. I collected them with my hands, which is probably why it is so good to look at them, because they remember my favorite continent where I lived for years.

8. What time did you regret it?
For the useless things: such as refueling and washing cars. But I don’t like sitting in desks and standing in line either. I hate having to wait hours, but I never take it off the mark, I always wait well until I’m in line.

9. What are you not sorry for money for?
To travel and lead a healthy lifestyle. Without heartache, spend on quality foods and vitamins, everything that serves quality of life and health.

10. To whom does 1 percent of your tax go?
– Every year through a different organization, but I always give it to heal sick children, because they are the most vulnerable.

11. From which author have you read the most books?
– I have a lot of books, I love reading. You probably read the most from György Moldova, because it always touches on interesting topics. Robert Merle’s world can also fascinate, and I’m happy to dive into it.

12. What is the wallpaper on your computer?
– Jungle. I feel like the son of the jungle.

13. If you had to observe one animal in the zoo for one day, which animal would you choose? Why?
“Wombats, although it will be a long bout, because these bags spend their days in their underground hollows and only come out of their nests after eveningfall. It is sympathetic that if you encounter an obstacle before them, it will be penetrated without saving time and effort. By the way, they live in forests. The largest in Australia and Tasmania.

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+1 What quote would you put on the fridge door to start this morning?
– Be positive today! Only positive! As I live by it, I try to see the good in everything. I think one can frame their day even when things are not going well.

Tamas Hevesy was born in Gyola. He completed his high school education in his hometown and in Szentes. Sport and music are two strong pillars of his life: he was a gold medalist in athletics and a podium winner in numerous national competitions, both individually and collectively, and in 1980 Anonymous Zero was born, which they won in a talent scout. And it achieved national success. He also played soccer in his youth and later earned a degree in soccer coaching.

He traveled, played and sang around the world, toured over a hundred countries, and lived in Australia for six and a half years. Since his return he has released several albums and also works as a football coach. His song Toward Sydney became the official start of the Hungarian Olympic team.


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