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You have never attended such a nice yoga class – the place where everyone falls in love with this type of exercise – Lílek&Body

You have never attended such a nice yoga class – the place where everyone falls in love with this type of exercise – Lílek&Body

Yoga is surprisingly good for the body: it relaxes stiff body parts, relieves stress, and reduces pain resulting from sedentary work. And if you spice it up with a bunch of cute puppies, it's heaven itself.

Vivien Tóth started with this line of thinking when she created Puppy yoga hungaryR. the The WeLoveBudapest team visited for extraordinary yoga classesThey left the room full of happiness.

Puppy yoga

Unusual yoga classes, such as beer yoga, where you can try different poses while balancing on a bottle, are very popular these days. Puppy Yoga has now replaced beer with puppies and welcomes those who want to recharge their bodies and spirits after a long day at their Sanará studio on Servita Square in a Balinese-inspired environment.

Photo: Anadolu/Getty Images Hungary

But why is it a good idea to have little four-legged friends stomping around while you practice yoga? At Puppy Yoga, you can simultaneously feel the beneficial effects of exercise and the jolt of happiness caused by puppies. Of course, you can't bring your own small pet, as the animals are provided by Vivien. The eight participating puppies have been vaccinated, rescued and adopted, and are in the care of the Homeless Puppies Puppy Rescue Foundation, where Vivian also serves as a temporary adopter.

In addition to being the most fun hobby, Puppy Yoga also serves a good purpose, as it helps motivate future owners to adopt it. In class, you should perform sequences of movements that are relatively easy to follow, so it is highly recommended for beginners as well.

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Dilemma Podcast

the dilemma's podcast, covering a topic worth discussing in each podcast. In the last episode, cancel culture was discussed. When were you born and what does the term cancel culture mean? Why is it a dangerous phenomenon? Who are the participating celebrities? How do we know if the accusations against them are true? How does cancel culture affect the stand-up comedy genre?


Since we are talking about small animals, it happens that one or the other urinates under you, but this is immediately treated by the workers there – it is worth preparing for this. And when they get tired, they sleep – yes, sometimes directly on the yoga mat, in which case you have to move on to another. The class includes thirty minutes Sim time Also, where you can ask Vivian about yoga or even adoption.

Thus Puppy Yoga is pure bliss, as you can relieve stress by producing happy hormones and you can even support a good cause, as part of the income helps the Landless Puppies Puppy Rescue Foundation.

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I will read it

(Image source: Getty Images Hungary)

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