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Associate Professor at István Széchenyi University has also conducted research in America and Europe

Associate Professor at István Széchenyi University has also conducted research in America and Europe

With the help of one of the most prestigious scholarships in the world, the Fulbright Scholarship, Dr. László Lendvai, Lecturer at Széchenyi István University. The Associate Professor has conducted his studies on special topics of sustainability, such as 3D printing of biodegradable plastics, natural rubber, or electrically insulating but thermally conductive materials. Meanwhile, the specialist was elected a member of the Academy of Young Researchers of this country.

“A year and a half ago, I started looking for applications offering the possibility of international mobility in order to gain professional experience. I spent six months for the first time at the Polymer Research Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences thanks to a scholarship from the Slovak State supporting foreign researchers. Here, I researched polymer compounds Bio, that is, I dealt with multicomponent materials of natural origin that can biodegrade after their useful life.

dr. László Lendvai, Associate Professor at the Audi Hungaria School of Automotive Engineering at Széchenyi István University. As he said, currently environmentally friendly plastics are still very expensive, and there is not enough production capacity to replace traditional plastics, but they are already being used in more and more fields for the sake of sustainability.

Dr. Laszlo Lindvay, associate professor at Széchenyi István University, has conducted research in the field of materials science at three foreign universities and research institutes. (Photo: Joseph Kasaba Mager)

Subsequently, the researcher also successfully applied for a Fulbright scholarship given by his colleague, Dr. Burroughs applied on Adrian’s advice. The Fulbright Scholarship Program operates in more than 160 countries in the world, including Hungary, and its primary purpose is to promote mutual understanding between the United States and all countries of the world, as well as to provide opportunities for scholarly research work and professional exchange. of ideas. With her help, many students and lecturers have already taken part in courses in American universities from István Széchenyi University, and many lecturers from the United States have already arrived at the Győr Foundation.

Associate Professor at István Széchenyi University before the famous American university.

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Dr. Laszlo Lindvay chose the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which ranks first in the international rankings for higher education, not because of the institution, but because of one of its professors.

“Those who work in the field of plastics processing need not be introduced to the work of Professor Tim Oswald. Not only did I get to work with him, but out of self-diligence I also attended his lectures to learn as much as possible from him.”

– indicated the trainer who studied the possibilities of 3D printing of natural rubber in America.

After the United States, Europe has again followed Italy with the help of the Hungarian State Scholarship Eötvös awarded by the Tempus Public Foundation, including Professor Alessandro Pegoretti of the University of Trento. There, a colleague from the University of Gyor conducted research on the 3D printability of polymer composites that are good electrical insulators and excellent heat conductors..

“The practical use of these devices can be seen in electronic devices in which increasingly smaller components generate more and more heat as they operate, which must dissipate without the component also conducting electricity.”

It is to explain.

Professor Tim Oswald and Dr. Laszlo Lindvay

For him, the most important experience of his trips abroad is that you can really gain a broad perspective, a multi-faceted approach to a problem, and the latest trends through research and study trips abroad. In addition to broadening their knowledge, successful applicants can join the international circulation and develop a network that will multiply their opportunities.

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Dr. Laszlo Lindvay interrupted his research in Italy for a few days at the beginning of May and returned home to participate in the general meeting of the Academy of Young Researchers (FKA) operating under the auspices of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, of which he was recently elected as a member. FKA – one of the co-chairs is a lecturer at Széchenyi István University, doctor. Gabor Kishkis, Associate Professor at the Diak Ferenc Foundation School of Law – Its purpose is to represent the interests of Hungarian researchers under the age of 45, to promote scientific excellence, and to strengthen communication between science and society.

A respected researcher at the Polymer Research Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

“Through my membership, I would like to help my fellow young researchers consciously plan their career and scientific advancement, and be aware of areas worth focusing on in order to achieve their goals.” – Tell. He added that he also wanted to deal with challenges related to open science in the organization.

I thank the management of the institution, especially Dr. Balint Philip, President of the University and Dr. Eszter Lukács, Vice President in charge of International Relations and Strategy, for the supportive attitude that enabled me to carry out my research abroad. I thank my immediate colleagues, the staff of the Department of Materials Science and Technology, for the flexibility with which they helped me to be able to stand up to me at Széchenyi István University”

Underline d. Laszlo Lindvay. He added that Széchenyi University has experienced tremendous development in recent years, which, along with internationalization efforts, provides excellent opportunities for its researchers. Finally, he said, he encourages everyone to take advantage of the opportunities offered by scholarships and gain experience and international contacts, because their value is invaluable.

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