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Worn zebras, forgotten room furniture on the street and wrecked cars that are homeless

Worn zebras, forgotten room furniture on the street and wrecked cars that are homeless

Worn zebras, forgotten room furniture on the street, wrecked cars, homeless – that’s what most people have complained about last year.

Worn zebras, forgotten room furniture on the street and wrecked cars that are homeless. And city dwellers complained the most about these problems, according to a 2020 report from the public space error reporting portal Járókelő. According to the site operators, people are becoming more aware when it comes to their own environment. True, this may also be due to the fact that the epidemiological situation has received more time and attention to the state of public spaces.

Fallen traffic signs or missing parking poles. In 2020, traffic problems like this and the like were the most troublesome in the lives of residents of the capital, according to the statistics of a site called Járókelő.

In addition to worn road signs or faulty lighting programs, homeless cars and litter have been bothering people the most in the past year, at least they received the most signs.

Vehicle wrecks often occupy a city center parking lot for months, and a campaign was recently launched to report homeless cars. This could be one of the reasons why previously wrecked cars can be parked almost without punishment on the streets of the capital, and now this is the second most common complaint.

Illegal dumping is also a big problem. Someone has scattered an entire room of furniture in the green, but not at the time of garbage disposal. But household waste often also arrives by the wayside. Greenpeace expects to take stricter action from the authorities, especially with regard to hazardous waste.

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By the way, in Budapest – perhaps also because of its size – the third. The area is one of the places where there is a lot to improve public spaces.

“We are trying to solve every case before us, but there are still challenges. This year, the business tax has been reduced by 2.4 billion HUF, which is approximately 10% of our revenue, and this is expected in the next year as well. It follows that we must also abandon Basic tasks like maintenance of roads or things like those that are not the responsibility of the third region, but we are doing, for example, eliminating illegal dumping. ” – said Laszlo Case, the mayor of Ubuda SE.

In the past year, provinces and other maintenance destinations have completed two-thirds of the maintenance work.

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