JP Morgan reassigns her staff to the office

JP Morgan reassigns her staff to the office

According to the information sent to the employees, starting from the beginning of July, the bank employees will have to return to the office, but for the time being, the work will continue on a rotating basis. Thus top management asks everyone to prepare to return to office existence.

JP Morgan The circular covers it Also, starting May 17, all of their US offices will be open to employees so they can get used to being in the office before the rotation starts in July. The bank does not require returning employees to receive the vaccine, but it strongly recommends that everyone be vaccinated against the Coronavirus.

Jimmy Dimon, president of JP Morgan, said earlier that he believes discussions through Zoom will only slow down the decision-making process and that working from home will make it impossible for novice bankers to know what it’s like to work at a bank. Damon previously predicted that after the pandemic, less than 10% of workers will work from home full-time, the majority either full-time or hybrid model, but they will go to the office.

At the same time, the bank’s president said there would be no need for large offices as before and believed that an average of 60 seats would be needed for 100 employees.

Among the major US banks, Wells Fargo previously stated that it plans to recall its employees in September at the earliest.

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