Windows 11 does not like AMD processors

Windows 11 does not like AMD processors

By the end of the month, the Ryzen performance issues may be resolved.

Released this week Windows 11 latest childhood illness Microsoft and AMD have been notified to me Computers with Ryzen processors can experience amazing performance issues for two reasons. A common concern is that third-party processor cache latency has tripled under the system, typically causing 3-5% power losses for applications that rely heavily on it, but some popular eSports games, for example , can have a slowdown in operation to 15%.

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The second concern is mishandling AMD’s favorite core technology, which tries to focus on the most powerful core to run processes that require high computing power. Due to an early issue in Windows 11, this does not work properly, which can lead to some slowdown in processor-intensive tasks, but the error can only occur on processors with more than eight cores and a TDP of about 65W.

The companies are working hard to troubleshoot problems, and they hope that the Windows 11 driver and AMD will also receive fixes by the end of October.

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