Weekly Horoscope (August 29 - September 4, 2022): A tense start to fall

Weekly Horoscope (August 29 – September 4, 2022): A tense start to fall

Consciousness and patience are tested by the planets in the last days of August and the first days of September. No matter how this week unfolds, it’s definitely important to stay calm. Your weekly horoscope on Astronet.

Weekly Aries (04.21-03.21.)

The entire week is determined by the opposition of the planets Jupiter and Mercury. You have good opportunities for all kinds of discussions and to clarify problematic matters. It is conceivable that the discussion will include arguments, arguments and conflicts of interest, but at the same time, a peaceful agreement will be reached that represents the interests of both parties. It is definitely recommended to draft a preliminary contract for this, but you must wait until the final contract is signed.

Weekly Horoscope (04.21-05.20.)

This week is all about work and finance. You take the tasks seriously, it seems that you want to prove yourself to someone, or you simply want to regain your self-confidence. Mars saves a lot of work and of course a lot of money. Mercury creates a good atmosphere at work, so you will enjoy the challenges especially now.

Gemini Weekly (05.21-06.21.)

Mars in Gemini brings out your feisty nature, which at the same time brings it out in a playful way. Keep in mind that not everyone has a good tongue, and family members can easily offend your jokes. Release tension in the creative realm. It is possible that a new love will begin now, if you are ready for it.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope (06.22-07.22.)

Due to the influence of Mars, your mood can be very abusive, of course, you may have every reason for this. The solution will not be withdrawal, but rather talking, and now the other side appears to be receptive to that. According to the planets, find someone in the family to whom you can tell about your grievances, because this alone will comfort your soul. Be careful with the neighborhood or siblings, it is not worth getting into a conflict with anyone.

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Leo Weekly Horoscope (07.23-08.22.)

The opposition of Venus in Leo and Saturn in Aquarius indicates some experiences in the field of relationships. You don’t really want to bargain right now, you argue with sharp tongue, fight, fight. You can make quite a few enemies outside of your relationship if you are not careful enough. Your ability to argue is excellent, but try to turn this into a positive direction.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope (08.23-09.22.)

The planets indicate disagreements and more demanding situations at work this week. Your superiors are trying to assert their authority over you, which can lead to conflicts. You may also be more irritable and impatient by default, reacting more sensitively and/or impulsively to all provocations and threats. But reckless and impulsive behavior is dangerous for you, and you can often feel its effects on the work front.

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