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We have just seen such libs in the high block in Udvarhelyi

We have just seen such libs in the high block in Udvarhelyi
  • Transylvania’s goofy independent city newspaper has turned 14: Székelyudvarhely Udvarhelyi Hírportál, i.e.
  • We visited them on their birthdays to infuse each other with joy and experience.
  • We went to a party, a rooming house, and a church and learned a lot.
  • The most important thing the Catholic priest said: “It is better to love someone from a distance than to fight with him up close.”
  • The great news: the purely Hungarian part of Transylvania is a much more humane place than contemporary Hungary.
  • But it doesn’t matter that vegetarian fish soup is not at all as terrible as it seems.

Arriving at the main square in Szykyludvarhelyi, I noticed a beggar sitting on the pedestal of a Turul statue sunbathing, taking advantage of the weather reminiscent of late October in California. I only notice this because I have never seen a homeless person or beggar here. As he approaches, it becomes clear: it’s not a beggar, but Danny Axe. But I learned that there is a mass in the Catholic Church! He lies half-recumbent on the steps of the pedestal, his face strangely turned not toward the sun, but toward the base of the obelisk. I can’t imagine what he’s doing, from afar it looks like a quality inspector from the Roman Antiquities Office inspecting the joints of the stone base. Edit and Ruby, the couple who are editors-in-chief of Udvarhelyi Hírportál, have no idea what they are looking at so deeply. “How do you spot a typo?” Editing Wonders.


Turulja Boldizsár Szmrecsányi in Udvarhelyi

What kind of spelling?

I soon discovered that the funniest typographical error in the history of Fidesz, engraved in bronze, can be read on the Millennium Monument in Szekely. The names of all the statue’s supporters, including Sándor Lázár Hódmővásárhely, were engraved on the metal plaque mounted on the stone base to commemorate the opening of the monument inaugurated in May 2008 by Viktor Orbán, who was still in opposition, and Jenny Saz. , then Mayor of Udvarhelyi. It’s been 15 years and it still hasn’t been fixed.


Alexander Lazar

I said to myself: “Honey, Urban knows this because he looks at her laughing every time he comes here.” We’re already standing three meters behind Danny, who – I can see clearly now – is bending down so he can get a close-up of the metal sign. He can’t see or hear, so there’s no need to even think about it. I swooned at the raspy voice of Orbán’s electorate that Szekely imagines:

“Lipsy!”Reporter Carpenter flinches as if someone has been stabbed with a pitchfork, then spins around in the air in an orderly manner. His chalk-white face and bulging eyes floated in front of me as if in slow motion. I’m a bit ashamed of myself, but the situation here is so good that we’ve completely forgotten about the local pressure, so it’s important to start acclimatizing before you leave.

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