The 50-page document contains all the anger he feels against the press.

Prince Harry arrived in court a day late and will take the stand on Tuesday in the wiretapping case against MGN Group. During Harry’s cross-examination, his testimony was made public, and details of it were published in the British press.

In the 50-page document, he writes, among other things, that he and his wife, Meghan Markle, moved to the US in large part because of the constant invasiveness, hate and harassment from the tabloid press, which he claims permeated. all areas of their private lives and had a devastating effect on their mental health and well-being. Harry also confirmed that they are very worried about their son’s safety.

The Duke of Sussex, who lamented in his testimony that the tabloid press pushes each member of the royal family into a certain role, stated. “You start out as a blank canvas while they figure out what kind of person you are and what problems and temptations you might have,” he poetically describes this state. He claims that the tabloids pushed him to play these roles in order to sell more newspaper copies.

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According to the British press, there is a lot of anger, anger and childhood trauma in the 50-page testimony. Harry accuses the newspapers of being the root of all his troubles. Of course, this statement is not new, this line of thought can be found Spare In his memoirs, he has talked about it in recent interviews and has appeared in Netflix series.

In his testimony, Harry claims that he became a damaged person because of the negative image that was initially shown of him, and that the labels attached to him were first born, and then led to his behavior. He also writes about how during his student years he was often ridiculed for articles published in the press, felt nervous among strangers, and paranoid among his acquaintances.

He viewed the tabloids as a “third party” in every relationship.

Another question is how far these arguments have been established and proven in court, and how much they are opinions.

Prince Harry has sued Associated Newspapers and publisher MGN (Mirror Group Newspapers), among others, for violations of his right to privacy. According to the accusations, the publisher obtained information about him using illegal methods, his phone was hacked, and they tried to get as much information as possible with the help of a private investigator.

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