Több mint félezer nyerges vontatót vásárol a Waberer’s

Waberer buys more than half a hundred tractors

Waberer’s has expanded its fleet with 5 new DAF XG 480 trailers. The new cars are also equipped with a digital rear view mirror, angle camera, digital instrument cluster, digital climate control and a touch screen multimedia system. The new tractors were delivered at the Nagykőrösi t site in the 18th district of Waberer.

It was announced at the press event that the company will purchase 570 of this new generation of DAF trailers. The new fleet will participate not only in Waberer’s international operations but also in domestic freight missions. However, according to the company, the company’s newly acquired DAF trucks may also appear at the company’s Polish subsidiary, Link. The acquisition is valued at approximately €50 million, and all units of the 570-piece fleet are expected to be delivered by the second quarter of 2022.

Five DAF XG 480 trucks were delivered, even without license plates, at Waberer’s Nagykőrösi út site.

The cooperation between DAF and Waberer’s Group dates back to 1996, during which time the logistics provider has purchased more than 3,000 trucks from a leading Dutch truck maker. “The new acquisition is the next step in our fleet replacement programme, making us again among the first in Europe where the average life of the Waberer Group’s largest heavy vehicle fleet has been reduced to two years. This is not just a strategic acquisition on our part in terms of emissions and fuel savings. For our drivers, we are able to provide a whole new level of comfort with new vehicles in terms of working conditions.” – confirmed Zolt Barna, CEO of Waberer’s International Plc.

Waberer's 2 buys more than half a thousand trailers

Zolt Barna, CEO of Waberer’s International Plc.

He added that this year marked a new beginning in the life of the Waberer Group, not only because of the change in ownership, but also because of the restructuring. The company’s first quick reports of three-quarters of Waberer’s success and profit are once again showing. According to the company’s first man, they are the only ones in the country in this sector who are not suffering from a labor shortage and more and more drivers are still joining them, including a good number of returnees.

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Waberer's 3 buys more than half a thousand trailers

One of the dashboards of the new DAF XG 480. It is expected to fly in France and the United Kingdom.

Waberer 4 buys more than half a thousand trailers

Peter Szentpáli-Gavallér, Managing Director of DAF Hungary Kft.

I am happy to announce that the new DAF Truck family with XF, XG and XG+ taxis won the 2022 Truck of the Year title on Wednesday. The award was presented to a Dutch plant in Lyon, France, but in addition to the prestigious recognition, the XF hydrogen-powered tractor also won a special award in the innovation category.said Peter Szentpáli-Gavallér, Managing Director of DAF Hungary Kft. , at the press conference. The first man at the local DAF dealership noted that DAF had previously offered some of Europe’s leading logistics companies, including Waberer’s, the opportunity to sample members of the new generation truck family.

New Daf Trucks in June introduce themselves to the general public. And in September we had the opportunity to try it, our experience in this to deny You can read it by clicking.

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