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Vettel again urges motorsport to become more sustainable

Vettel again urges motorsport to become more sustainable

Four-time Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel has called on motorsport bosses to take action more In order to make competitive sports sustainable in the future and thus ensure their long-term survival.

Vettel’s 17-year Formula One career He recently retired from the King class after last weekend he was one of the riders who took part in the Race of Champions in Sweden. In his later years in Formula 1, Vettel championed environmental issues and immediately admitted he was a “hypocrite” to continue flying around the world to race when a Canadian politician attacked him last July. While it’s unclear what Vettel will do now that he’s no longer competing in the high-speed circus, his passion for tackling the environmental impact of sport and its legacy is hotter than ever. Vettel told the media about this again at last weekend’s event on snow and ice:

“I love motorsport and am very keen on the future.”

The racing machines used during the various rounds are equipped with a wide variety of equipment, from traditional internal combustion engines to cars with an electric motor and fossil-free biofuels. So complete:

“This event is an excellent event, a fun program and we are all having a great time. At the same time, it’s good to see Frederick and his entire team thinking about how they can enjoy more responsibility.”

He singled out Frederick Johnson, President of Race of Champions, for organizing the weekend at the ROC:

“They care about the different cars, but also everything that comes with organizing such a big event.”

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However, he maintained that motorsport must do more on the track if it is to survive:

“It would be a shame if one day it was banned, and the reasons for that would be clear. There are young drivers out there – I have kids too – and I think it has been a real privilege to be involved in motorsport, as it has been for me. We would like to continue this sporting opportunity. If we want to continue doing our sport And living by our passion in racing, I think we have to think about the alternatives. I think that’s important and imperative for our future. Otherwise, we can carry on as we’ve been for a few more years, or we’re in really serious trouble. That’s why it’s good to see that people are already thinking about this The matter. Obviously it also depends on the type of race, but there is wiggle room. People are already thinking about it and thinking about a better or more sustainable future.”

Red Bull would welcome Vettel back, but first wait and see what he wants to do

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