US President Joe Biden acted very strangely at a press conference مؤتمر

US President Joe Biden acted very strangely at a press conference مؤتمر

US President Joe Biden held an impromptu press conference at the White House on Thursday outlining his plans for new investments in infrastructure and mitigating the Covid-19 pandemic, while repeatedly behaving in a strange way – I reported this in the New York Post.

During the press conference Joe Biden He whispered three times strangely and forcefully, leaning into the microphone. After the bizarre event, speculation in social media and the press about the president’s suitability has returned.

Joe Biden whispered strangely into the microphone three times during his press conference in WashingtonSource: EPA / SARAH SIlbiger / POOL

Biden’s bizarre portrayal caused a lot of resonance among Republican politicians, and video of him started spreading like wildfire on various social platforms.

As we reported in OctoberAnd the Joe Biden He also forgot to run for president, and instead talked about being (again) a senator at an election event. Plus, Mitt Romney The name of a senator, a former presidential candidate, never occurred to him. Later in March Speaking at a White House event, US Democratic President Joe Biden forgot his name as his Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin He said “Guy” instead of a name.

Then Origo mentioned it in detailBiden has so far avoided publicity outright, and one of the main reasons for this may be the increasing prevalence of dementia in old age. Nominated twice since December Kamala Harris Vice President of the United States. President Biden tried to climb the stairs in a youthful way in March, but I fell three times on the road.

In May 2021, more than 120 retired US military leaders, generals and admirals questioned US President Joe Biden’s mental health in an open letter, The boss is constantly acting strangely often.

The mental and physical condition of the commander in chief cannot be ignored. It must be able to make quick and accurate decisions on national security issues, both day and night.”

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