University students from Zalaegerszeg doing scientific work were welcomed

University students from Zalaegerszeg have participated in 14 departments with their scientific student papers, have been awarded the right to participate in the last two years with high-quality professional study and progress of the TDK. At the OTDK in April, two PE ZEK students – Rosina Juna and Ivan Lazaryuk – won second place with their presentation. Successful students and their supervisory advisors were greeted on Thursday evening by the Acting General Manager of PE ZEK, Dr. Ildico Palani. Quoting Dezső Kosztolányi, the head of the college emphasized: “Science is an exciting adventure”, it is also the pioneer of the world, the cornerstone of the development of human knowledge. Ildiko Palani added that the College of Management has been doing well in the OTDK competition for decades, and this is due to the collaboration of lecturers, students and talent management.

At the meeting, the two future economists who won prominent positions presented the essence of their work, which is also suitable for the dissertation. Jóna Rozina explored the issue of the four-day working week, based on her individual research, came to the conclusion that although many companies and employers are considering this method of recruitment, Hungary is still far from offering it, besides the fact that it is For example, Zalavíz Zrt. Also examine aspects of introduction.

Graduate student Evan Lazaryuk compared the process and terms of a corporate tax (TAO) based on the practices of Hungary and Russia. We have learned that the global tax to be introduced in 2024 (15%) is better than the Russian tax (about 30%), and worse than the Hungarian tax (9%) for taxable enterprises.

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At the end of the evening, the young people who strengthened the reputation of the Zalaegerszeg campus were hosted by the college administration at the OTDK.

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