Trump has another competitor

The former governor says Trump should drop out of the race.

Another politician indicated his official intention to run for the presidential candidate of the US Republicans in the person of the former governor of Arkansas. Asa Hutchinson Announcing his intention in an interview broadcast on ABC television on Sunday, he said he was convinced the American people were waiting for a leader who would bring out the best side of America and not just “appeal to people’s worst instincts.”

The Republican politician, who previously served two terms as governor of Arkansas, has stated that he believes that after the indictment to Donald Trump He should withdraw from the presidential race.

Asa Hutchinson is the first to announce that he will run for president within the Republican Party since the indictment against Donald Trump began.

Apart from him and Donald Trump, officially to date Nikki Haleyformer Ambassador to the United Nations, and former Governor of South Carolina, W Vivek Ramaswamy The businessman announced his start.

As expected Ron DeSantis Florida’s governor could officially announce his intentions this summer and he’s among the likely candidates Mike PenceFormer Vice President to Donald Trump W Mike Pompeo Former Secretary of State, who was also a member of the US government during the term of Donald Trump.

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