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Trump: Biden is incompetent, and the United States will not survive another presidential term

Trump: Biden is incompetent, and the United States will not survive another presidential term

The former president also fears artificial intelligence.

He pointed out that the growing tension in the Middle East poses a serious inflationary risk through the repeated rise in energy prices Donald Trump In an interview broadcast on Sunday.

The former president, who is currently the most popular Republican presidential candidate, explained in a long interview broadcast on Fox News that “bombs are falling again, and commercial ships are being attacked all over the Middle East,” and if this continues, it could lead to a significant increase in oil prices, which is why… Which may again lead to higher inflation.

Donald Trump also spoke about the necessity of strictly guarding the borders, noting that during his presidency the southern border of the United States was closed, in contrast. Joe Biden Millions entered the country during

The Republican politician urged immediate action in the field of artificial intelligence because, in his opinion, it may get out of control and “even lead to the outbreak of wars.” Donald Trump addressed this issue: The current US administration's commitment to producing electric cars is driving car production from the US to China and other countries, which is why many car jobs may migrate to the competitive economic superpower, where the raw material is. Materials needed to produce electric cars have been found.

Regarding the former president's main political rival, Joe Biden, he stated that “our country will not survive” another Biden presidency, because the current president is “incompetent.”

According to current opinion polls, Donald Trump is the most popular Republican politician, and he has only one competitor in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Nikki Haley In the person of the former governor of South Carolina. The official Republican primary process continues with the Nevada caucuses on February 8, which Nikki Haley will not attend. Nikki Haley is preparing to run in the Republican Party primary elections in South Carolina on February 24, which is her “homeland,” and analysts indicate that if she is not able to defeat Donald Trump there as well, this may mean the end of her reign. Presidential hopes.

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At the end of January, opinion polls showed Donald Trump's confident lead in South Carolina, after the former president won the first Republican Party primaries in January, in the states of Iowa and New Hampshire.


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