The scandal surrounding Catherine in the Czech Republic could bring settlements

The scandal surrounding Catherine in the Czech Republic could bring settlements

Katalin Shih Katalin of the Hungarian Nation has discovered another thread in matters of EU bids. According to the newspaper, the company, which is run by Momentum MEP and his family, has only set up branches in Vác and Szirák to be eligible for EU funding. According to EU rules, they would not have taken money from the original location in Budapest. According to Magyar Nimzet, a total of HUF 285 million was received in the form of non-refundable support, as reported in M1 Híradó.

On February 16, 2017, Tímea Szabó, co-chair of Dialogue Hungary, handed over ten thousand anti-Olympic signatures collected by them to Katalin Cseh, an activist in Momentum.

But wrote about it on MondayThat three months ago, in December 2016 so far Quoting the Budapest Olympics, among other things, won nearly 68 million applications to join the European Union Pannónia Nyomda Kft. , whose bid documents were signed by Katalin Cseh, campaigner for Nolimpia and Momentum.

Daniel Diack XXI. He is also a Senior Analyst of the Century at Radio Kossuth.

This is indeed a political turmoil.

When a family business makes money making it impossible after a year of making political gains and hacking and destroying the dream of an entire country, I think it really shows that these politicians and parties can do a lot to gain political power, but that can also be seen in many things in terms of cooperation across the left.

A few days ago, a mysterious masked figure appeared claiming to be one He will bring down a politician who plays a double game.

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Katalin Cheh was finally named in the press last Tuesday. wrote about itPannónia Nyomda Kft has won over HUF 285 million in EU funding. Through companies associated with the printing press, additional public funds totaling more than HUF 4.5 billion fell on the politician and his business associates.

The whole main message of momentum failed with Catalin Cheh’s scandalous bids in the EU

– He said on the M1 at st. Century Analyzer. He added that the Liberal Party’s rhetoric revolved around the fact that only companies close to Fidesz could successfully advance in Hungary for years. According to the great Ervin, the Catalin Shih scandal could slowly burn through the entire opposition coalition.

On Tuesday, Magyar Nemzet revealed another topic in the EU Katalin Cseh tender. It turns out that Pannonia Nyomda Cvet, led by him and his family, was based in Vác and Szirák, only to obtain funding from the European Union.

write the page:

If the company stays only in Budapest, it will not be able to earn EU money according to EU rules,

Thus, with its headquarters in Vác, it received a non-refundable support of 68 million, while winning about 217 million from Syracuse.

Hungarian also wrote that, according to local residents, no substantial activities are being carried out at the Syracuse site.

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